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The Ever-Present Undiagnosed Female With ADHD

The Ever-Present Undiagnosed Female With ADHD
Females with ADHD oftentimes slip through the cracks and go undiagnosed. This is because the symptoms largely present differently in females than in males. Learn more about the symptoms of female ADHD, and how to help treat it.

7 Tips to Help You Stay Focused and Present this Fall

Focused and Present
It can be difficult to focus throughout the year, and with school just beginning and the holidays around the corner, stress, depression, ADHD and anxiety are likely. Here are 7 wonderful tips for staying focused and present this season.

Coping with Adult ADHD: A New Solution for Treatment

Treatment for adult ADHD
While attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in children, over eight percent of adults 18-44 years of age will be diagnosed with adult ADHD.