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Depression and Anxiety May Be As Harmful to Physical Health as Obesity and Smoking

Depression and Anxiety May Be As Harmful to Physical Health as Obesity and Smoking
When we think about physical health and the most obvious factors that can jeopardize it, smoking and obesity are oftentimes at the top of the list...

Researching Micronutrients for Treating Mental Health Disorders

Researching Micronutrients for Treating Mental Health Disorders
There's been a considerable amount of talk surrounding the health benefits of taking a micronutrient supplement to help manage symptoms of mental illness. Learn more about the research conducted on the effectiveness of using micronutrient supplements to treat mental illness.

Tips for Maintaining Diet and Exercise for Overall Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Diet and exercise to reduce stress
There isn't enough to be said about the importance of eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise for better overall health and wellness. In our busy society today, this can be difficult. Here are some tips for managing a healthy diet and exercise for overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Give the Gift of Mental Clarity this Holiday Season!

Give the Gift of Mental Clarity
As we begin to deck the halls and make the season bright, there are likely those among and around us who do not share such feelings of joy or chee...

Tips for Coping with Depression and Sadness During the Holidays

holiday depression
There are numerous reasons as to why the holidays can be difficult. Regardless of the reasons, 64% of people who suffer from mental illness say their stress and symptoms are increased during the holidays. The silver lining is that there are ways to manage these feelings and cope.

Schools Struggle to Cope As Childhood Anxiety Rises Across the US

Childhood School Anxiety
One out of eight children suffers from an anxiety disorder. While many will outgrow this with age, 41% will have lingering issues. As children age into young adults, anxiety becomes more prevalent with  25% of teens age 13-18 suffering from a form of mild to moderate anxiety. This leaves schools with much to overcome as they try to address the growing mental health needs of their students across the country.

10 Natural Ways To Keep Your Anxiety Under Control

Keep anxiety under control naturally
There's no doubt anxiety can be excruciating to face, and when a person has an anxiety disorder, it can make them feel constantly on edge. Anxiety can be so severe that it paralyzes you to the point that you can't even leave your home. Read more to learn how to manage anxiety naturally.

Micronutrients 101

Micronutrients 101
Research points toward the use of micronutrients for combating mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, bipolar disorders and psychosis. These are the key vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids we need in our bodies in order for them to function at an optimal level. Read more to learn what micronutrients are, where we can get them from, and how they benefit us.

As the Leaves Fall, Your Energy and Mood Don’t Have To: Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Combating seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
Goodbye summer and hello fall, the season when six percent of Americans will begin to experience symptoms of mild depression known as seasonal-affective-disorder (SAD).

10 Natural Ways To Manage Depression

Natural ways to handle depression
Depression is one of the worst mental illnesses around that so many people suffer from. It can make you feel helpless, and it also can make you believe that you're not good enough for anything. Depression holds the power to destroy your self-worth and self-esteem, and it can stop you from moving forward in life. Learn more about how to treat depression symptoms naturally.

The Mental Health Crisis Hits College Students Across America

Depression crisis on college campuses
It's no secret the United States is facing a mental health crisis, but did you know that it's hitting colleges and universities around the country hard? Learn more about the stats surrounding mental health among college students and how we can help.

7 Tips to Help You Stay Focused and Present this Fall

Focused and Present
It can be difficult to focus throughout the year, and with school just beginning and the holidays around the corner, stress, depression, ADHD and anxiety are likely. Here are 7 wonderful tips for staying focused and present this season.